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Technology - this is the industry that is most often short-charged as Information Technology. And why do we say so? If we go back to basics, TECHNOLOGY is the Art & Science of Implementing Techniques to Perform Tasks! And Information is one of the vital elements. But the Science is often ignored. For us, Technology means Creating Magic using Deep knowledge of Science.

To help you understand further, human motor skills is an information we have. We used science to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. Further, we used other scientific application to control the same and apply in a measured environment. This implementation, we came to call - ROBOTS and because of the vast information we have, these Robots become more and more intelligent by applying Advanced Neuroscience aka AI.

An unbelievable spectrum of opportunities exists in this space for the great minds. The flip side is equally scary, for the fear of corruption of some supposedly great minds. Nevertheless, Science and Technology, both offer endless potential because we, as Human Beings, still have a lot to discover. Science, yet, doesn't have many basic answers. Any movement in answering such basic questions, leads to either disruption or leaps in the Technology industry and a domino effect thereafter.

Instaura's position is one of wisdom. We have, over the past decade, learnt and applied efficient and effective methods of bringing commercial success to these marvels. The possibilities are limitless, when two great teams work as partners, to achieve a common vision. Ultimately, we both want to make a genuinely positive difference in the very same world we live



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