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Infrastructure industry fuels the GDP growth of a country. Not to mention that this industry generates millions of jobs that make for social bottom line and political capital. This industry is vital to any country’s economic development and prosperity.

More than $26 trillion will be needed between 2016 and 2030, or $1.7 trillion a year, to deliver infrastructure that supports robust growth and is resilient to climate change, in Asia alone.

Asia’s governments alone cannot foot this staggering bill, and the private sector can be reluctant, often with good reason, to shoulder the risk. Coordinated action, also known as Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a great way forward. Otherwise, growth opportunities will be missed and it will take longer for countries to lift their citizens out of poverty.

We completely understand this private sector reluctance and risks both. Our “basics first” approach has always produced enduring successes for the variety of enterprises we have worked, especially coupled with providing access to the very long term capital needed for this Industry to sustain.



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