Managing Partner

Gaurav Shah

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Gaurav, 38, a compassionate supporter of Entrepreneurship and a University drop-out, started his professional journey at an early age of 12.

Managing Partner - India

Guru Prasad Pai

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In the past 27 years, Guru has held senoir positions in Finance across industries including Pharma FMCG, Technology, and Advertising.He is also known as “The Chief Saint” in our team.

Principal Partner

Anil K Munjal

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Over 3 decades of deep experiences, wisdom and execution sums up this gentleman. Prior to joining our board, he was the Senior VP - HR, Finance, Legal & IT as Suzuki.

Principal Partner - Healthcare & Lifesciences

Vivek Verma

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An entrepreneurial leader with more than 23 years experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. He has been in holding senior leadership roles including P&L, Sales, and Strategy.

Chief Technology Officer

Rajdeep Nath

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He is dynamic, energetic, insatiable and inquisitive. All in all, extremely enterprising. At 23, he has several failed ventures, several patents and awards.

Executive Assistant & Admin Associate

Donabel Bantog

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Dona has a deep mind, sharp eyes, and a very sensitive nose. She keeps everything in check and never lets Instaura miss out on the finer detail. “The Firewall and The Cloud” in the team.

Associate - Marketing

Joanna Padel

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A young girl of few words and thorough simplicity is the execution specialist on the team. In just a few days, she made a mark which says “I will let my work speak”.

Associate - Web Technology

Animesh Paul

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A universal coder and an adventurer in technology with a very nostalgic mind who does everything to make his friends and team happy. He takes care of our Web Applications.

Associate - Mobile Technology

Aslam Basha

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A learner and a dedicated coder, a little shy but very hungry for success. He is someone who Never says No. He takes care of our Mobile Applications.

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