About Us

Services:  Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Markets, Board Advisory.

We are totally comfortable being the geniuses behind the scenes but guess you want to know who we are! Follow the low-down!

First of all! What is “INSTAURA”? Instaura comes from “Instauration” – the act of establishment! This is the most appropriate we could find because that is our business. To establish our customers businesses in fundamentally strong ways.

The journey starts with the great minds we work with. Our clients! Their confidence in us and our association has inspired them to keep working with us for years and recommending us at every opportunity they have. We are extremely grateful to them to help us in perpetually working with the same zeal and commitment.

Global organizations including Startups face increasingly complex challenges due to unpredictable market dynamics, ever-changing policy environment, global interdependencies, honest mentors and lack of risk capital among others. The Value is a function of how well these threats and opportunities are handled. Our experience tells us, that only a few have the capabilities and even the objective to manage these internally.

Therefore, our core job remains in removing the obstacles and creating the enablers in order to make you successful at every step in your journey. It is common knowledge that defining the problems accurately is at least half the solution, but rarely practiced be it for Fund Raising or for Business Growth or for Strategy building or anything else.

Our exceptional people help you identify and execute truly innovative ways to transform these threats and challenges into unparalleled competitive advantages, thereby protecting and enhancing your value at all times. We also help each of our clients to create abundance with effortless ease, be it in terms of professional success or personal bliss.

We strongly believe that the only appreciation for good work done is an opportunity to work again. We measure our success on the invaluable relationships that we build, the foundation and the duration of the same.



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Reality & Facts Based
Genuine, Ethical, Proactive
Simple & Humble
Entrepreneurial, Socially Responsible
Fast, Accurate, Excellent


The Laws we Follow

Quick links:  vision, mission, attitude.

1. Law of Pure Potentiality
2. Law of Giving
3. Law of Karma - Cause & Effect
4. Law of Least Effort
5. Law of Intention & Desire
6. Law of Detachment
7. Law of Dharma - Righteousness

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